International Day of Disabled People

In Uncategorised|14 March 2023|By Roasmund Oats

Manchester celebrated IDDP21 at Manchester Central Library on Friday, 3rd December. A joint event between Manchester City Council, Manchester Libraries and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Participants explored past and present cultures of disability. A series of short talks prepared for UK Disability History Month (see here) was followed by a panel including Young Creatives and Hamied Haroom from the University of Manchester, who discussed their own experiences of disability and perceived impairments.

Linda Marsh discussed the GMCDP’s archive, part of the Disabled People’s Archive at Manchester Central Library. Recently awarded a major grant by the Wellcome Trust this important collection will soon be made available to anyone interested in the history of disability and disability activism.

Videos by the Young Creatives and Music by the Spotlighters provided entertainment.
We were also joined by Venture Arts, who ran a workshop on votives (see here); Seashell Trust; GMCDP; and the People’s History Museum.


This event includes videos prepared to celebrate UK Disability History Month, for more information on #UKDHM see here